Buying a home

Get peace of mind with our professional inspection and learn all about the condition of your home before you buy.

Buyer's Inspections 

Office Building

Buying a building 

Prompt and professional property condition assessments by Gaia Home Inspections.

Commercial / Industrial 

Building Inspections

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Selling a home

Sell your home faster and easier, plus avoid future problems with a seller's (pre-listing) inspection from Gaia Home Inspections.

Seller's Inspections

Apartment Building

Buying a condo

Learn about the condition of your condo from our condominium specialists before you buy, and make an informed decision.

Condo Inspections

Buyer's Inspections 




  • Fast and easy booking

  • A thorough home inspection by an experienced professional inspector

  • An invitation for you to attend the inspection

  • Simple, clear inspection report with same-day delivery

  • Free technical support for as long as you own your home!

Seller's Inspections 




  • Fast and easy booking by phone

  • A competent professional home inspector

  • A premium quality inspection

  • An easy-to-read, full-colour draft report

  • You approve the report before it is published

  • Ability to add a one-page Report Summary for buyers

  • Potential buyers can get walk-through at 60% off of original inspection price

Condo Inspections 




  • Fast and easy booking

  • An inspection by a condominium specialist

  • You are encouraged to attend the inspection

  • A thorough inspection report — same-day delivery

  • Free technical support for as long as you own your condo

Commercial / Industrial Building Inspections




  • Due Diligence Property Condition Assessments

  • Project Management

  • Refinancing Condition Assessments

  • Capital Replacement Studies

  • Sustainability and Energy Solutions

  • Problem Investigations

  • Reserve Fund Studies

  • Environmental Site Assessments

Thermal Imaging.jpg

Thermal Imaging

We use advanced infrared imaging equipment to help determine areas that may have moisture intrusion due to lack of insulation or cracks in the structure. This is an invaluable service if the house has moisture or draft problems. In many cases it can help pin-point the cause of the problem which can eventually lead to mold proliferation.


Mold Inspections

We offer mold inspections services in addition to regular service or as part of a package. Mold sampling can be through tape, swab or air sampling.

Rustic Fireplace

Wood Burning Appliances Inspection (WETT) 

WETT stands for Wood Energy Technology Transfer. It includes a thorough inspection of all wood burning appliances such as stoves, space heaters and open fireplaces by a certified WETT inspector. We look at clearances to combustibles, appliance certification, chimneys, flue pipes and give advice on how to obtain the best heat output from the appliance and recommend maintenance based on our findings.
A WETT inspection may be an insurance requirement when buying a house, so it is a good idea to get one done through us. Other instances where it may be required is if you had a chimney fire for example. WETT inspections minimize the risk of house fires and help to obtain peak performance out of wood burning appliances.